He never fails to make some comment about the way she's dressed.

I studied in the morning during the summer vacation.

The criminal pleaded with him to change his mind.

And that's how I met your father.

It's working as intended.

Joe went to Aimee's funeral.

Bring it to me.

It turns out that we became hopeful in vain.

Sit on the sofa and feel at ease.

You're a certified pilot, aren't you?

We are sorry for his mistake.

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Anyway, it all worked out.

At times of crisis, people put all their disagreements aside.

The forest abounds in trees.

Then a little time-wasting idea came to mind.

He got better very quickly.

How high is the mountain?

There is a village over the mountain.

Tell me about your life, work and hobbies.

Do you remember what time you woke up this morning?

My phone's screen has a broken pixel.

I've never seen that.

Unfortunately, I hardly speak any French.

If Sumitro goes to Boston, so will I.


There's nothing worse for children than litigated custody.

I took part in the assembly.

Can you set this poem to music?

Randall really likes basketball.

He told me not to look behind.


You can't swim.

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Maybe Curtis can figure out how to fix this.


Do you think Monty has changed?

He came out from where he was hiding.

She is intent on mastering French.

Jayant was never arrested.

I like Chinese food.


The soldiers were wearing steel helmets.

I've seen it with my own eyes.

She is not animal-loving.

Now it's too late. The train has already left.

Would you please wait for a few minutes?

Please, do come in. The door is open.

I hurt my back.


Her book is famous not only in England but also in Japan.

This seems expensive, but it's so durable it will pay in the long run.

Stop trying to cheer me up.

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I was flat broke.

Loyd saw you.

Snow year, corn year

The priest who speaks French will be here next week.

Beware lest you should miss the train.

He's a total moron.

During a walk in the park she accidentally met her old friend.

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Your friends are in there.


Care to join me, handsome?

The woman tried to shout out "Help!" but the word stuck in her throat.

I may have left them behind in the train.


I don't think you can do this.

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It's so quiet.


All the doors of the house were closed.

I run a motel.

You're wrong not to trust Dori.


Janice does have a point.


Can you hold this for me?

Ricardo poisoned Tammy.

No wonder you've got a headache; the amount you drank last night.


A man who does not know how to be silent does not know how to read.

If he'd taken his doctor's advice, he might not have died.

The war ended.


Keep calm and carry on.

Mikey sensed Coleen wanted to say yes.

She gave a faint smile.

I don't know what to do.

Dan is rather proud of his work.


Do you go to college?


I didn't enjoy every minute of the party.

I'm not too crazy about that idea.

I used to eat out several times a week.

Do you know where?

It wasn't sufficient.

Your dog is here.

The cherry blossom is to Japan what the rose is to England.


Would you tell Harold that Amanda called?

My brother wore his shirt inside out.

You have a very nice smile.


Their muscles are stiff.

"Is Ken busy?" "Yes, he is."

I watched her.


The song had a melody that went like this.


I accept that challenge.

She had a crush on her teacher.

Micky ate a healthy lunch.


The police followed a red herring while they let the true criminal escape.

You guys are so immature.

A smoker harms other people.

Yay, I went to the store!

How could you do this to us?


They speak French in Quebec.

A cat is an unfaithful servant which we only keep by necessity.

We know what happened to Dirk's car.

Spring is coming soon.

Did you buy a washing machine?

Rudolf can't hold on much longer.

Is Timo joking?

I was excited about that.

I've got things under control now.

A favorable review of your play will appear in the next issue.

It is sad that his ideas do not go with the time.

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Dan relayed messages between Matt and Linda.

I'd just like to ask Mehrdad one question.

He's a specialist in economics.

Seenu invited Luc to a party he was hosting.

I'm a person who lives for the moment.

We've got to finish this job.

I can't find the keyhole.

I have a list of things I need to do.

They're taking a long time.

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Can you tell me instead, why the planets on the screen are coloured the way they are?

They are making for the forest.

Why are you so jumpy?

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How is it possible to reconcile work and private life?


Is your dog mean?

May I use that?

You grabbed my ass!


I give you everything you ask for, but you never seem satisfied.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

Nothing can stop us now.


Zombies are bad.

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Do you know who the mayor of Boston is?


Opportunities like this don't come along every day.

We don't have a solution.

They should have a noble mind.


We should take a break and have some tea.

I had nothing to do with what happened.

Vice is a software developer.

I began to realize that I had misunderstood him.

She raised her hand to ask a question.

Am I free to leave?

Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has: it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but--more frequently than not --struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God.

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Leave my room immediately.


If you want to stay a member of this club, you have to fish or cut bait.


He carried on working, regardless of whether he was tired or not.


I should've declined.

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You'd better get up early.

It is no accident that she won the first prize.

Walter avoided making eye contact.

I didn't even know that you didn't like Kanthan.

The armed hijackers terrified the passengers.

She saw him crossing the road.

What were Takeuchi and Walter celebrating?

The housing project has fallen flat.

I never thought I'd see your face again.


Turning to the left, you will find the restaurant on your right.

Roland is extremely good-looking.

I regret to say I cannot come.

You're thorough.

Makemake is located in the Kuiper Belt. The Kuiper Belt is an area of gas, dust, and rocky debris located at the outer edge of our solar system.

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Ramesh was the one who helped me with my homework.